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172 Stryker memorialIf Designer replica handbags are indeniably the louis vuitton speedy 30 most popular choice of modern women, other leading brands continuously experience huge demand. Also, our Louis Vuitton Handbags, associating sophistication and tradition, attract the eye of tasteful women. . . All Miu Miu handbags also come with a dust cover, certificate of authenticity card and care booklet.18I never have been one to choose sides, but life has taken some turns for the worst over the last year, and it's amde me along iwth many others begin to fall in that direction. In a sense i will agree with "The louis vuitton purse prices Tourist." WHY ARE OUR SOLDIERS IN IRAQ. Innocent men, women, and CHILDREN for god's sake are dying on a DAILY basis for NO reason what so ever. I have several friends in the louis vuitton mens wallet marines, and the stories they tell me horrify myself, AND them. The rate at which they fire upon iraquis is unbelieveable. Out of the hundreds of THOUSANDS of Iraquis that have died, have we ever once seend a headline saying "2,000 Iraquis LOST their lives" and yes, they did LOSE THEIR LIVES. No one here cares! All we care about is "our soldiers." AND DO NOT GET ME WRONG, i care about our soldiers just as much as everyone else because they are "fighting" for our couintry, and supporting "our" beliefs and morals. Or are they "figthing" for what our government thinks is right. Enough lives have been lost, americans, Iraquis, and many others. I'm tired of looking at the thousands of AMERICAN lives that have been lost over this endless war, and how our government just keeps sending more troops over. END IT.As I said to you on the phone, freedom of speech is something we all have, yet these kind of remarks have no place on a Tribute page that a family member may read.These men and women have given their lives for our freedoms and their families are grieving and need support, not this kind of garbage.I was assured such posts are monitored, you are doing a lousy job.As a Proud Marine Mom whose son is currently deployed, and as an American, this is wrong!Bout time you step up and truly support these Fallen Heros, or please don't have the tributes.The ONLY terrorist country in the world is THE UNITED STATES. It bombes innocent people in order to obtain resource control. It doesn't matter who shall be dead: man or woman or kid. Gas! Gas! Gas! All those dead soldiers ARE THE TERRORIST! They took weapon and began killing the people. Hundrets of people are gying in Iraq, hundrets kids are starving but even in such condition they PROTECT their land, their country. They fight for every rock, for every grass, for the sun. And you, american terrorist, what are you doing there? Who gave you the right? You kill for money and call this nobel, great dead and whatever. Is there such a need that young men take the arms and go far far away? It serves you right, americans! More american blood less american threat to the World! What is happening now is the AGONY of the USA. And in the couple of years we shall see your death. You bugged the whole world with your "security and democracy". Enough! Wellcome to IRAN! cheap louis vuitton bags Of course! It is NOT the Americans bombed Yugoslavia, it is NOT the Americans bombed Afghan and Somalia, it is NOT the Americans support the idea of separating Serbia and Kosovo. Not the Americans are itching about Irancampaign. You know, a cburger, the Americans look like whitedressed little virgin who is among rough and hard men. Not my, but YOURS thoughts must be cleaned. You all are bred on Chuck Norriss stupidyahoopatriotic films! See the resaults? bricks, bricks, bricks.OH! I have understood! Its definitly the "commies" who did all that chaos!As for Saddam do NOT forget that he was CIA agent (as Osama bin Laden, by the way).I for one know what it is like to have a soldier in Iraq in harms way every single moment of the day. My son is currently in Ramadi. I worry every moment of the day and night. I hope and pray I do not get that visit or phone call. I feel for the families that have had a loved one die in Iraq. I could not imagine having something happen to my son. I pray every single day that he comes home alive. I pray everyday for the families like me that go through the stress of war. I will keep you in my prayers.You all pray God for those 26 dead men . BUT have you EVER thoutgt about kids and women, old and young who ARE DYING each DAY in Iraq, AFTER the USA occupied it? NO! You ALL are mumbering "security" and "democracy" and really don't understand cheap louis vuitton handbags the meaning of these words. Who made you send your children to those war? If you are so democratic why don't you refuse to KIll innocent people? Why did the USA IGNOREG the Security Council and International law? NOONE gave you the right to dicside what wrong or right is. Dont forget that the USA bombed after WW2 23! countries. And where is the right of people to selfdetermination? You are loosing YOUR children and calm yourself that they did a great geal for the USA. Do NOT decive youself. Your kids died for lower gas price. But before they died they have KILLED people of other country. Innocent people. And always remember: they killed them for gas.I sit here looking at the screen asking myself, "What does one write to express sorrow and sadness over such a great loss?" How can I tell the families of these hero's that all Americans feel for their loss? That we grieve with them? That a little of each of us died with their loved one?I realize that you can't. Words alone could never express our feelings. Words cannot provide comfort. They can't take away the hurt. But sometimes they are all we have.When these young men put on the uniform they became the sons of America. When they fall America hurts and cries with you. You are not alone.May God comfort you with the memories of your loved ones. And may the vision of God welcoming these Hero's into Heaven ease your sorrow. Heaven has a few more Angels tonite.

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